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Russian Lessons for Students

  • I have been working with Natasha for almost two years now. We started while I was still taking Russian classes at Harvard University. Her efficiency, organization, and infallible knowledge helped me to skip an entire semester of Russian at Harvard and go ahead to the next level with no issues. After school, we have continued working together and I feel so much more confident in my Russian ability. She just knows so much and could explain things to me even better than a lot of my professors at school. Besides her obvious knowledge, she is just so wonderful to work with. I have never had a teacher I felt more comfortable with than Natasha. Having taken Russian from who is widely considered some of the greatest language teachers, I would so highly recommend Natasha to anyone who wants to learn Russian.
    ~ Liberty V. (Michigan, US)
  • One of the best things about working with Natasha is that she knows language. From cases to reflexive verbs, everything is explained perfectly and clarified instantly. There's no way that you can't learn.
    ~ Kenny H. (Ohio, US)

Russian Lessons for Professionals

  • I was looking for an online Russian tutor to help me to bring my rusty Russian language skills back to life, for the purposes of passing an oral language test. I was impressed with Natasha’s website, and that she combines native Russian language skills with academic training in English – this enables her to understand how an English speaker approaches language, and to adapt this approach to learning Russian. Natasha was very skilled at assessing my speaking level and identifying gaps in my knowledge, and then designing learning sessions that build upon what I know and fill those gaps. She is patient, personable, and a very skilled instructor – our online sessions went by very quickly. As a result of our language sessions, I passed my oral exam! I recommend her as an instructor without reservation.    
    ~ Jim T. (Vermont, US)
  • I needed to refresh my knowledge of Russian to be able to do business in Russia in more congenial manner. Natasha is a competent yet gentle teacher that concentrates on real life situations. In all exchanges, I feel Natasha's true passion about the language and its good usage. I am an attorney and my schedule goes through constant changes, but Natasha is always understanding. It is a real pleasure to learn Russian with Natasha at my office or on the go.
    ~ Hynek Z. (Canada)

Russian Lessons for Adults

  • My online lessons with Natasha are very enriching. I really enjoy studying the language, its grammar and vocabulary. I also love to read and to know more about Russian culture. I have studied with different Russian language teachers before but not one of them has ever guessed so well what I was expecting. They gave me the drills that students do in secondary school and I was not enjoying my time. With Natasha I always want to know more while with other instructors I used to leave my book on the table until my next lesson. Besides, having my lessons online is very convenient because I do not have to spend time driving and I can stay in the comfort of my home.
    ~ Anna C. (Scotland)
  • Taking online Russian lessons has been really helpful to me. Natasha is very flexible with scheduling. These lessons allow me to choose what topics I would like to concentrate on, rather than following a strict curriculum. I have already learned so much from these lessons over the past three months without feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend this program for people who want to learn at their pace and convenience.
    ~ Jean S. (California, US)
  • There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to study with a competent speaker of the particular language, and Natasha speaks Russian beautifully. She is very attentive to your particular needs and offers very flexible study times. (5 red stars!)  
    ~ William D. (Texas, US)
  • I have very much enjoyed taking lessons from Natasha and I know, without a shadow of doubt, that I have learned much more from her than from any other form of language learning or instructor.  I consider myself very fortunate to have found Natasha when I was looking for an instructor and I can't stress enough how great it was to have someone so patient and knowledgeable about BOTH languages helping me to learn.
    ~ Zac S. (Tennessee, US)
  • I have done it all. I have done the Rosetta Stone, downloaded the audio files, watched free stuff on YouTube, got the work books and other types of study material from the book store. I have listened to Russian music, I have left my T.V. on Russian television throughout the day and at night while I am sleeping. I can say all the things might help! But if you are wanting to learn Russian and speak it like it is spoken correctly, Speak Russian Now has been the only way I have learned it, retained it, and have spoken it the right way! Russian is one of the hardest luggage to learn, but there is no doubt that with the professionalism, the education, and the love for teaching that Natasha has I will speak Russian and speak it the way it is spoken. So whatever your reason for learning Russian is, Speak Russian Now is the only way to go. Spasibo, Natasha!
    ~ Michael G. (Texas, US)
  • I was trying to learn a little Russian listening to tapes, but was making very little progress. That method had worked pretty well for French, but Russian was tougher. Live lessons with Natasha made a tremendous difference and were much more enjoyable. They always seemed to be over too quickly. In a little over a month she had prepared me to deliver a toast in Russian at my son's wedding. It was a total success.
    ~ Steve B. (New Jersey, US)
  • Natasha has provided me with invaluable instruction that has allowed me to advance far beyond what I ever could have learned on my own. Having a live tutor who is native to the Russian language provides a unique opportunity for asking questions that will truly allow you to understand the concepts behind each lesson.
    ~ Ian M. (Alaska, US)
  • I was so excited when I found Speak Russian Now and got acquainted with Natasha. As an adult learner, tacking a new language, especially Russian, is extremely difficult. I have found Natasha to be incredibly patient and highly professional. She makes excellent use of the time while online and is so encouraging. I look forward to my lessons each week and really feel I am finally gaining ground on learning this language. I recommend her highly!
    ~ Jayne S. (Ohio, US)
  • After struggling to learn Russian on my own and failing, I was ready to give up. So I decided to try online lessons with Natasha. At first, I was terrified but after a few lessons and a lot of encouragement, I discovered that I really CAN speak Russian. Natasha has also helped me improve my pronunciation, and now everyone compliments it! Nowadays I have the confidence to begin conversations in Russian, and the ability to express my personality rather than simply repeat memorized phrases. And it's fun!
    ~ Jane S. (South Carolina, US)
  • Learning Russian from a native speaker who has a superb command of English will provide you with certain cultural insights and explanations that come naturally from someone who grew up in the former Soviet Union. But aside from practical considerations, Natasha is simply pleasant to talk to! If you feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed by the task, Natasha will offer you encouragement, telling about some of her own trials and victories learning English. Of course, the convenience of learning on line through Skype (where there is even a chalk board) is invaluable!
    ~ Patrick C. (Idaho, US)
  • Speakrussiannow.com is a great website for those who are serious about learning the Russian language. Natasha is a great instructor who is very skilled in teaching others proper grammar, usage and pronunciation. She is very patient and proficient and lets the student learn at a pace that is most comfortable for them. I have been taking lessons with Natasha for over 4 months now and have learned more than I had ever expected! Not only have I improved my Russian language skills but I have also learned a lot about the country, people and culture as a whole (which I believe is a very important part to understanding why people speak the way they do and how the language evolved as it did). I would highly recommend Speakrussiannow.com to anyone, as I can say it prepared me to approach Russian speaking people with confidence and makes me look forward to my upcoming vacation to Moscow and St. Petersburg 10x more!! Thanks Natasha!!
    ~ Andrew C. (New Jersey, US)

Russian Lessons for Young Adults and Children

  • We found Natasha by pure luck. After living in a former Soviet Republic for several months, my 11 year old daughter wanted to continue her Russian studies. When Natasha lived in Austin, Madisen had her lessons in person. Now Natasha and Madisen have lessons through Skype. For a busy working mother, this is a godsend. Madisen really enjoys Russian, likes Natasha, and is happy to be learning from a native speaker. I recommend her and Speak Russian Now.
    ~ Lori D. (Texas, US)
  • My 8 year old son was adopted from Russia and I wanted him to learn the language. I found Speak Russian Now on the Internet and contacted Natasha. I found Natasha to be very reliable and organized. She is indeed a teacher, as she always has a lesson plan for my son to follow. She developed a rapport easily with my son. He was able to learn and expand his Russian language easily under Natasha's guidance.
    ~ Jill P. (South Carolina, US)
  • Speak Russian Now has been very helpful to our family with two older adopted boys who want to retain their Russian. Although we have Russian speaking family members, nothing takes the place of regularly-scheduled lessons. The benefit of meeting with Natasha by Skype has been that there is no commute involved in going to lessons, no tardy teachers, and no bad weather to brave (BTDT with all of the above!). Our family might be out of town and the lessons can continue. Plus, Natasha's patient and pleasant demeanor makes classes a pleasure, with the children enjoying their studies. Highly recommended!
    ~ MB (South Carolina, US)
  • Natalia has done an outstanding job teaching our 13 year old son. It's such a joy to hear him speak my native language. He is able to speak some Russian and understand way more than I thought. I find it amazing that Natalia has been able to accomplish this in such short time and in the convenience of our home. We've been looking for a local tutor for a while but were unable to find one in our area. Initially, we were a little skeptical about online lessons but after our son's free trial session we were set, and I had no doubt that online lessons with Natalia would be a great experience for him. What I like the most is that Natalia makes our son's lessons very individual. She was able to get him engaged in the language so fast and after all this time he still hasn't complained. I can see in his eyes he's so proud of this new skill and his heritage. He is always looking forward to his Russian lessons with Natalia. It's funny, now he and I can say something and my husband has no idea. I like it when he says, "Dad, let me translate it for you." Also, Natalia is very flexible with hours and her lessons are reasonably priced, which makes it more enjoyable. I can't thank her enough for all her patience and hard work. We look forward to our son continuing his lessons with Natalia. Thank you.
    ~ Lana W. (Delaware, US)

EFL Lessons for Adults

  • I was struggling trying to teach my Russian fiancée English. I finally found Speak Russian Now and enrolled my fiancée in on-line classes with Natasha. In a very short period of time, there was a remarkable improvement in my fiancée’s English language speaking ability as well as reading. I am so impressed that I have decided to keep her enrolled in Natasha's classes. I could not have done this without Natasha!!!
    ~ Jim F. (Missouri, US)
  • Моё замечательное знакомство с Наташей произошло благодаря моему мужу-американцу, который на протяжении года занимался изучением русского с Наташей в режиме Skype и остался очень довольный результатами. С Наташей мне пришлось заниматься английским в течение двух лет. Уроки английского по Skype с Наташей – это комфортно и удобно. Её уроки – это соединение трёх важных составляющих в изучении иностранного языка: доступности, увлекательности, знания. Наташа - прекрасный филолог и педагог. Она способна учитывать интересы студента, подобрать индивидуальную программу, которая даёт не только знания языка, но и неугасающий интерес и мотивацию для дальнейшего его изучения самостоятельно. Уроки английского с Наташей привили мне интерес не только к языку, но и к американской культуре. Я очень рада, что в моей жизни в Америке у меня есть такой тренер по английскому, к которому я всегда могу обратиться за консультацией и советом.
    ~ Ирина У. (Калифорния, США)
  • I would like to thank SpeakRussianNow.com and Natalia for the English lessons I took from her when I first arrived in the USA. I knew a little English when I came to the USA, enough to get by with, but after taking 2 months to brush up on my English, I was able to get a part time job and begin my new life here in the USA. Thank you again for the English lessons and all your help, and if I ever need to refresh my English speaking skills, I will be contacting you.
    ~ Inna (Houston,Texas)

Translation Services

  • My 8 year old son was adopted from Russia... I have used Natasha's translation services when I need to contact my son's birth family. The translation was affordable and done promptly. Speak Russian Now is the best!
    ~ Jill P. (South Carolina, US)
  • Natasha provides excellent and convenient written translation services. During the waiting period for our Russian adoptions, we were permitted to communicate with our children via letters to their orphanages. During this time, Natasha provided invaluable assistance to my family in a professional, prompt and very courteous manner.
    ~ L.S.
  • My brother just got married to a Russian woman and I was the best man. I needed to give a toast and wanted to blow away the guests by speaking in both English and Russian. Natasha and SpeakRussianNow.com did exactly what I wanted and more. Their after-hours and last-minute support were fantastic, even emailing me speech less than an hour before the actual event (I had forgotten the printed copy at the hotel room). Don't hesitate at all. They will do a fantastic job for you at a VERY reasonable rate. The results were accurate and quick.
    ~ Greg H. (Honolulu, HI)

Consulting Services

  • I have been taking Russian lessons from Natasha for about six months. To my pleasant surprise, our lessons have been seamless, despite the fact that I live in Tennessee and she is in Wisconsin. She introduced me to Skype, and I have been delighted at how well her system works. We have become good friends, despite the fact that we have never met in person. Not only has Natasha done an excellent job of tailoring the lessons to my needs, but her help understanding the Ukrainian and Russian cultures has been invaluable. I have made two trips to Ukraine this year, and she has gone out of her way to prepare me for everything you can imagine, including, the food, lodging, the types of ladies I might meet along the way, and the local customs. She is so thoughtful that she has offered to assist by telephone any time I am in the former Soviet Union and need help with translation. On one occasion she did provide translation services I desperately needed. A testimonial like this does not allow enough room to really express my appreciation for Natasha. Suffice it to say that I would happily recommend her to anyone, and I will gladly talk to you in person if you have questions about her.
    ~ John N. (Tennessee, US)
  • Speak Russian Now is my first choice for consultation, education, and translation services relating to Russian and English language. Natasha is very skilled with language and does fantastic work in all these areas. On top of all that, she brings to the table a positive energy and great attitude that makes her a joy to work with. I highly recommend Speak Russian Now! Hire Natasha and you will not be disappointed.
    ~ Chris S. (New York, US)